About the Book

Web API Cookbook is an upcoming book by Joe Attardi, due to be published by O'Reilly Media in 2024. The book contains examples or "recipes" demonstrating how to accomplish specific tasks using only the APIs built in to modern web browsers.

Many things that once required third-party JavaScript libraries or browser plugins are now supported by the browser platform itself.

The book will cover topics such as:

  • Working with persisted data and local files
  • Internationalization
  • Speech synthesis and recognition
  • Communciating with APIs and real-time data
  • Reacting to changes in the DOM
  • Custom elements
  • Reading device information and sensors
  • Performance statistics
  • The Web Animations API

About the Author

Joe Attardi

Joe Attardi is a software developer and author with over 18 years of programming experience, specializing in frontend development and JavaScript. He has worked on a variety of large-scale projects for companies such as Synopsys, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Dell.

He is the author of Modern CSS (2020) and Using Gatsby and Netlify CMS (2020).

Joe lives just outside Boston, MA with his wife and son.

Web API Cookbook
Joe Attardi