Chapter 14

Device Integration


Recipe 14.1
Reading the Battery Status

Read information using the Battery Status API.

Recipe 14.2
Reading the Network Status

Read information using the Network Information API.

Recipe 14.3
Getting the Device Location

Get the device's coordinates using the Geolocation API.

Recipe 14.4
Showing the Device Location on a Map

Show the device's location on a map.

Recipe 14.5
Copying and Pasting Text

Copy to, and paste from, the device's clipboard.

Recipe 14.5
Sharing Content With the Web Share API

Use the device's native share capabilities to share content.

Recipe 14.6
Making the Device Vibrate

Use the Vibration API to programmatically vibrate the device.

Recipe 14.7
Getting the Device Orientation

Use the Screen Orientation API to read the device orientation.

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