Recipe 10.6

Exporting API Data to a File


First name Last name Department
Loading Users


const exportButton = document.querySelector('#export-button');

let userList;

 * Shows a save file picker and returns the selected file handle.
 * @returns a file handle to the selected file, or null if the user clicked Cancel
async function selectOutputFile() {
  try {
    return window.showSaveFilePicker({
      // The default name for the output file
      suggestedName: 'users.json',

      // Limit the available file extensions
      types: [
        { description: "JSON", accept: { "application/json": [".json"] } }
  } catch (error) {
    // If the user clicks Cancel, an exception is thrown. In this case,
    // return null to indicate no file was selected.
    return null;

async function exportData() {
  const outputFile = await selectOutputFile();

  // Only proceed if an output file was actually selected
  if (outputFile) {
    try {
      // Prepare a writable stream, which is used to save the file
      // to disk.
      const stream = await outputFile.createWritable();

      // Write the JSON, in a human readable format, to the stream.
      await stream.write(JSON.stringify(userList, null, 2));
      await stream.close();

      // Show a success message.
    } catch (error) {

exportButton.addEventListener('click', () => {

function loadUsers() {
  // Make the request
  return fetch('/api/users')
    // Parse the response body as an object
    .then(response => response.json())
    // Handle errors, including network and JSON parsing errors
    .catch(error => console.error('Couldn\'t fetch:', error.message));

loadUsers().then(data => {
  userList = data;

  if ('showSaveFilePicker' in window) {

 * Renders an array of users in the user table.
 * @param userList the array of users
function renderUsers(userList) {
  const tableBody = document.querySelector('#users tbody');
  userList.forEach(user => {
    renderUser(user, tableBody);

 * Renders a user object as a row in the user table.
 * @param user the user object to render
 * @param tableBody the table body to append the row to
function renderUser(user, tableBody) {
  const row = document.createElement('tr');
  const firstName = document.createElement('td');
  firstName.textContent = user.firstName;

  const lastName = document.createElement('td');
  lastName.textContent = user.lastName;

  const department = document.createElement('td');
  department.textContent = user.department;

<div class="alert alert-success d-none" id="export-success" role="alert">
  The user data was exported.
<button class="btn btn-primary d-none" id="export-button">
  <i class="bi bi-box-arrow-down"></i> Export
<table id="users" class="table">
      <th class="w-25">First name</th>
      <th class="w-25">Last name</th>
      <th class="w-25">Department</th>
    <tr id="loader">
      <td colspan="3" class="text-center p-4">
          <div class="spinner-border" role="status">
            <span class="visually-hidden">Loading...</span>
          <div>Loading Users</div>
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